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Remarkable indeed..

In the clip, a woman receives directions on how to refill her car’s washer fluid from a Google Glass app. This isn’t the first time a wearable display has been used for such purposes (see “Faster Maintenance with Augmented Reality”), but It’s a good example of a situation where being able to see a display while having your hands free could be very valuable.

Google Glass as a Hands-Free Instruction Manual | MIT Technology Review

Ansys (ANSS), a maker of very high-end simulation software used to design planes, trains, automobiles and all manner of other things, has fed the Hyperloop specifications into a computer and come away impressed. “I don’t immediately see any red flags,” says Sandeep Sovani, the director of land transporation strategy at Ansys. “I think it is quite viable.”

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Will Work, Says Some Very Smart Software – Businessweek

The 2008-09 crisis and the dismal performance of some Euro countries have reopened the debate about what life would have looked like for some of these countries if they had stayed out of the Euro.

Antonio Fatas on the Global Economy: Evidence on the (limited) power of exchange rates

then compared the experience to applying for insurance the old way, via an insurance company website. Even with the delays and server errors, he found, Obamacare was quicker and easier—mostly because, under the old system, he had to reconstruct several years of his medical history down to every exam and test.

Obamacare Implementation: What the Feds Got Wrong, States Got Right | New Republic

But the Tea Party’s belief that things are slipping away is misplaced. Obamacare aside, events have actually gone the movement’s way ever since Republicans wrested control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 midterm elections. Discretionary spending has been falling. Federal-employee head count is down. And since 2010, deficit reduction has been more rapid than in any three-year period since the demobilization following World War II.

Tea Party’s Victory Against Government Spending Comes at High Price – Businessweek

The brain uses sleep to wash away the waste toxins built up during a hard day’s thinking, researchers have shown.

BBC News – Sleep ‘cleans’ the brain of toxins

Wi-fi connectivity from a light bulb – or “li-fi” – has come a step closer, according to Chinese scientists. A microchipped bulb can produce data speeds of up to 150 megabits per second (Mbps), Chi Nan, IT professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University told Xinhua News.

BBC News – LED light bulb ‘li-fi’ closer, say Chinese scientists

IMAGINE you are in a taxi and the driver suddenly turns violently and speeds towards a wall, tyres screeching, only to stop at the very last moment, inches from the bricks—and cheerfully informs you that he wants to do the same to you in three months time. Would you be grateful that he has not killed you? Or would you wonder why you chose his cab in the first place?

The fiscal deal in Washington: Worse than Europe, really | The Economist

I think you will find many more good than bad, including this morning’s reports from General Electric (GE), which had been a real laggard, and Schlumberger (SLB), a perpetual star. These two companies gave you exceptional global order growth and look clean.

Jim Cramer: Too Much Negativity on Earnings – TheStreet

In his foreword, Sir Andrew writes that UK universities have “an extraordinary wealth of ideas, technology and human energy – much of which is world-leading and capable of seeding not just new companies but whole industries”.

BBC News – Use universities to drive economic growth, report urges

David Birnbaum made his fortune selling jewellery to movie stars. Now he has published a ‘remarkable and profound’ investigation into the origins of the universe. Is there any reason to take it seriously?

Has David Birnbaum solved the mystery of existence? | Books | The Guardian

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