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If markets were informationally efficient, nobody would have any incentive to analyse corporate information, because by definition doing so wouldn’t yield any return. But if nobody looked at such information, it would never get into share prices, and so markets would be inefficient. If rational people believed markets were efficient, therefore, they wouldn’t be efficient.

Investors Chronicle – The efficient market (non-)paradox

Toyota’s strong earnings announced today, together with the boost in its full year forecasts, will do more that turn heads among car analysts. They also speak to a global policy debate that has been simmering beyond the surface — namely the extent to which QE creates or diverts demand.

El-Erian: Toyota’s consequential macro economic angle | FT Alphaville

For a start, there were few indications that 2009’s deflation had any such positive economic effects – indeed, Chart 2 shows that household spending growth slowed as inflation turned negative.

How I learned to stop worrying and love (eurozone) deflation? | FT Alphaville

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), atmospheric CO2 grew more rapidly last year than its average rise over the past decade. Concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide also broke previous records

BBC News – Concentrations of warming gases break record

Pigs have been used to disrupt the habitat of the 10-15 California gulls that used to routinely fly over Salt Lake City airport twice a day.

BBC News – 10 ways to prevent plane bird strikes

The Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), or the United East India Company, was not only the first multinational corporation to exist, but also probably the largest corporation in size in history.

Rise And Fall Of United East India – Business Insider

A majority of academic economists believe that (a) auditing the Fed is a bad idea and (b) tapering down the Fed’s quantitative easing program is also a bad idea, according to a survey conducted by the Initiative on Global Markets:

Survey Of Economists On The Fed – Business Insider

It goes without saying that the rickety website at the heart of the ACA,, must be overhauled, and the White House has vowed to fix all major bugs by Nov. 30. Beyond that, there are several other changes that might make the program more appealing to consumers, without requiring Congress to pass any new laws. Here are four fixes the Obama administration could make on its own:

4 Ways to Fix Obamacare | Daily Ticker – Yahoo Finance

Russia’s economy will perform far worse than forecast over the next two decades, lagging global growth, business daily Vedomosti reported on Thursday, citing Economy Ministry documents.

Russian economy faces 2 lean decades: Report

Amazon’s massive investments in technology shape the future for retailers everywhere.

Profits? Amazon Prefers Technology | MIT Technology Review

Probably as good a way as any to introduce the Superlumis projector from elite Italian home cinema brand Sim2 is to say that it arrived into our test rooms fresh from a test-run in the movie room of an extremely well known Premiership footballer.

Sim2 SuperLumis review – Projector

Many people don’t know about the enormous progress most countries have made in recent decades – or maybe the media hasn’t told them. But with the following five facts everyone can upgrade their world view.

BBC News – Viewpoint: Five ways the world is doing better than you think

The recent Eurozone crisis has shown that austerity measures are self-defeating. They produce severe recessionary consequences which – at least in the short term – tend to increase public debt, as a ratio to GDP. This assessment is confirmed by econometric analysis showing that budgetary adjustments have been more recessionary than expected, with fiscal multipliers being higher than unity (Blanchard and Leigh 2013).

Austerity and stupidity | vox

“In a span of just a few years OLED display technology is now challenging and even exceeding the performance of the best LCDs across the board in brightness, contrast, color accuracy, color management, picture quality, screen uniformity, and viewing angles,” said Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, in response to an e-mail query.

Samsung’s OLED display push poses challenge to Apple | Mobile – CNET News

Britain’s ‘cheapest’ lunchtime meal was unveiled by scientists on Wednesday – the toast sandwich.

BBC News – Toast sandwich is UK’s ‘cheapest meal’