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Ethan Couch, son of Fred and Tonya Couch, was sentenced to 10 years probation Dec. 10 by a Tarrant County judge after admitting guilt in four cases of intoxication manslaughter stemming from a June 15 accident in Burleson, a south Fort Worth suburb. A psychologist testified in the teen’s juvenile court trial that Ethan Couch suffered from “affluenza,” a condition in which rich children feel a sense of entitlement and lack of responsibility, according to the Associated Press.

Victims’ families in Texas ‘affluenza’ case file multi-million dollar lawsuits – Houston Chronicle

Japan passed the halfway mark towards its inflation goal last month as prices rose the most in five years, while regular wages halted 17 months of declines, underlining progress under Abenomics on two key fronts to revitalise the economy.

Japan halfway to inflation target but wages remain key – Yahoo Finance

London-based economic consultancy, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), says China won’t eclipse the U.S. economy until 2028, much later than some analysts have suggested.

China will not overtake US economy until 2028: CEBR

Japanese hedge funds are heading for record returns this year as investors bet that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s policies will succeed in reviving the world’s third-largest economy.

Abenomics Drives Japan Hedge Funds to World’s Top Performers – Bloomberg

Here are nine ways 2013 changed the nature of the gold market and pulled it into bear territory

Nine Ways 2013 Changed Gold For Good

Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. has announced the successful results of the first production tests in the CPE-6-1X exploration well and the CPE-6-H2 appraisal well, two new wells drilled during December in the CPE-6 Block in the Eastern Llanos basin, onshore Colombia. Pacific Rubiales has a 50% working interest and is operator of the block. Talisman (Colombia) Oil and Gas Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Talisman Energy Inc. holds the remaining 50% working interest.

Pacific Rubiales announces successful oil flow onshore Colombia

But other than that one special case, Cramer said dumping stocks into a selloff is always the wrong move. “Keep your head, because you will get a better moment to sell,” he concluded.

Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: Timing Is Everything – TheStreet

The number of robberies on British bank branches has dropped by 90% in the past decade, figures from the British Bankers Association suggest. The BBA said there were 66 robberies in 2011, compared to 847 in 1992. The drop has been attributed to a raft of innovative technologies making it extremely difficult for “traditional” robbery tactics to work.

BBC News – Days of the ‘bank job’ are numbered, report suggests

They may look innocent enough but these two felines are responsible for a mini crime spree in the east of England.

BBC News – Kleptomaniac cats in Christmas stocking stash hunt

The eurozone is “sleepwalking” its way towards a Japanese-style deflationary trap that could last decades, the world’s largest bond fund has warned.

Eurozone ‘sleepwalking into a decades-long deflation trap’ – Telegraph

One habit is “showrooming”, when the customer visits a real store (which shoulders stonkingly high business rates, plus lighting, heating, security, insurance and maintenance costs, not to mention salaries). The showrooming customer spends time examining and handling some appliance or gadget, and asks a lot of searching questions of the assistant – who is probably young, has been trained – again at some cost – and has honest hopes of a good career. The assistant demonstrates or explains it, with all its gizmos and buttons and built-in apps and programs. Then the customer mutters: “I’ll think about it,” and promptly goes home and orders the same thing online for a few pounds less. Some may think that is clever. I think it is mean.

Cheats are killing off our high street shops – Telegraph

climate-sceptic scientists have not managed to build a model that explains global warming without human-induced effects. The human hand is indispensable in understanding what has happened.

It won’t be long before the victims of climate change make the west pay | Chris Huhne | Comment is free | The Guardian

John Cridland, director-general of the CBI, Britain’s biggest business lobby group, will criticise many of the 240,000 companies he is paid to represent for failing to pass on their new-found prosperity to employees. He will tell employers – who in the FTSE 100 are paid 136 times the national average – that they must ensure that all citizens benefit from the recovery.

Pay workers more, CBI chief tells thriving firms | Money | The Guardian

Chromebook penetration has skyrocketed to a 9.6% share, and a staggering 21% piece of the sales pie when zeroing in on just notebooks.

Here’s Why Microsoft Is Worried About Google Chromebooks – Forbes

The pilot project here at the University of Delaware has had enough success to set off a frenzy of activity in the auto and electricity industries, particularly in California, where Gov. Jerry Brown’s transportation plan this year promoted “vehicle-to-grid” technology.

Entrepreneurs and government agencies see the technology as a possible solution to a vexing dilemma: how to affordably store renewable energy so it can be available when it is needed, not only when the wind blows or the sun shines.

Electric cars may hold solution for power storage –

Retirement systems vary widely from country to country. In China, policymakers are just beginning to expand retirement benefits to everyone. In Australia, people have been compelled for years to save for their own retirements. Italy and Germany are raising retirement ages and cutting benefits.

How retirement systems vary, country to country – Yahoo Finance

From the world’s largest underground hotel to Star Wars-style holographic communication, the coming year is set to unveil an array of incredible advances in science and technology

The year ahead: ten amazing science and technology innovations coming up in 2014 – Telegraph