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  • Do we have lift-off at IOC? What News – Reflections of A Venture.
  • Alan Shearer BBC Sport: “The Netherlands were sensational, it should have been seven or eight. Who will win the World Cup?
  • 1. There wouldn’t be a 13/G filed as it would be less than 5%. So it wouldn’t really matter one way or another except they would own shares. Outside of a mandate, there isn’t anything precluding them from buying ADR’s.

2. They wouldn’t have a direct investment in what they may be truly interested in. It’s of no surprise that there is a great deal of interest in gaming, and the enterprise business, both divisions expected to grow exponentially well into the future, especially in China. There are plenty of statistics supporting this.

3. NQ would not sell a stake in the divisions if it wasn’t at a valuation that commensurate with reality. Also there has been criticism with respect to some of their investments, this debunks it unequivocally, given the microscope NQ is under, it’s total hogwash that they are just making things up to create an illusion. It’s pure insanity to feed into those allegations considering where we are now. Why did VC firms invest in NQ sub at premium price?