TFF Pharma: The Potential Is Still Very Much Present

  • While the company added three more big pharma partners, this is not what shareholders prefer to hear as the company already has more than two dozen of these.
  • These partnerships are mostly in the pre-clinical phase and are unlikely to lead to near-time monetization.
  • For monetization, there are four near-time candidates, Voriconozale and Tacrolimus look to be the most certain candidates but PLUS (cannabis) and UNION (Niclosamide) are additional deal candidates.
  • A deal is necessary as cash levels are getting low, which might necessitate earlier partnering and forfeiting some future revenue.
  • But just one deal with upfront payments is likely to considerably improve their situation so the stock remains very interesting.
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TFF Pharma (TFFP) Stock: The Potential Is Still Very Much Present