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After some  (rather tortuous) software updates we are able to stick this post on top permanently. Help us keeping it update by sending in useful links, we would all benefit from a one-stop-shop place..

  1. ALL research reports on InterOil (starting with the latests)
  2. To keep in mind while reading the Monness reports
  3. The new GLJ resource update
  4. And how they may increase
  5. Petro engeneer’s take on the GLJ report
  6. Part II
  7. Part III
  8. Part IV
  9. Part V
  10. Part VI
  11. Someone noting the importance of Part VI
  12. Part VII
  13. The latest MS update ($120 target)
  14. InterOil embarked on FEED
  15. InterOil MOU with Mitsui
  16. Petromin deal with Japex
  17. Aldorf interview jan2010
  18. Aldorf at the LNG conference in Singapore April 20 2010
  19. PNG province embarking on infrastructure investment for IOC’s projects Feb2010
  20. PNG province part II Feb2010
  21. Earlier useful links

Interested parties in the news

  1. A summary part I including Petronet (India) CNOOC (China) ENI (Italy) PTT (Thailand), talks with 30 interested parties
  2. Summary part II including Petrochina and CNOOC (China), Petromin participation (PNG)
  3. Part III
  4. Part V
  5. Part VI
  6. Part VII
  7. Part VIII
  8. RJ email: 50 interested parties
  9. CNOOC deal with PNG government
  10. RJ interpretation
  11. Oil Majors need to buy reserves
  12. PetroChina’s $60B foreign energy resources acquisition kitty

China LNG demand

  1. China’s oil demand increase astonishing according to IEA [March 12 2010]
  2. Despite 2008 economic crisis, demand for gas was up 16% in China (and 2.5% in the world as a whole)
  3. China’s gas use is only 3% of it’s energy consumption, globally the figure is 25%
  4. Bloomberg China NG demand staggering
  5. China, the world’s second-largest energy user, is building more than 10 LNG terminals on its eastern coast to meet a target of doubling the use of gas as an alternative to coal.
  6. China gas shortage, set to increase LNG import
  7. LNG imports from China and India set to seven-fold
  8. Chinese imports of LNG hit near record highs in January, almost quadrupling last January’s imports
  9. CNOOC to double LNG imports by 2020 [April 26 2010]
  10. A list of China’s recent foreign energy purchases
  11. Part II
  12. Part III
  13. Part IV

Natural Gas stories

  1. Good overview
  2. Bloomberg. Malaysia to import NG
  3. Indonesia LNG output decline
  4. Indonesia will divert fuel to fertilizer makers. The Bontang  plant in the Kalimantan region will produce about 320 cargoes this year, lagging behind its contracted volume of 350, Daniel Purba, head of LNG market development at PT Pertamina, said in May. The plant can produce about 400 a year, he said. A cargo is typically 50,000 to 60,000 tons. Pertamina, Indonesia’s state oil company, will cut supplies to a group in Japan by 75 percent after its contract expires in 2010, Vice President Iin Arifin Takhyan said in October.
  5. Asia’s premium LNG market
  6. Gorgon long-term offtake contract at $16.72 per Mcf
  7. There remains a shortfall in LNG supply into the Asia Pacific region commencing in 2012 – 2014
  8. LNG demand set to double by 2020
  9. “And that will take the LNG price with it, because that is determined according to a complex formula based on the lagging oil price.”

3 thoughts on “Some useful InterOil links”

  1. This page is awesome STP. You should bookmark it under your BackGround Material section in the left hand column.

    And on a side note, I understand that IOC is currently a gas play and will do extremely well without an oil find. But I find it perplexing how the whole oil event has played out since Joshua Kalinoe on Jan 20th leaked that oil was found in Ant 2.

    I think IOC was pissed that this information was leaked and at every point since, in any correspondence, they have tried very very hard to downplay this event. I think this is corresponding to the hiring of Mr. Aldorf and I think he has left his fingerprints all over this one. For example, they didn’t have to mention anything in the resource report about oil, but specifically put a statement about it.

    My mind tells me to forget about it but something in my gut says all the events to date don’t add up. In fact when PetEngr gets perplexed then there is definitely a missing piece or two to the puzzle. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will get any more clues and the only outcome will be determined by time.


  2. Yes, Darcy we will do that (put these links in a permanent place, but we’re not done yet with them).
    That leak was unfortunate, these things happen. Petromin is relatively new to this sport. We’ll see what happens next.

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