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Bulls Vs. Bears, What Data To Watch Out For

April 20th, 2020 · No Comments

  • There is a sharp division between bulls and bears. The first argue the markets have already seen the lows, and the latter argue much worse is to come.
  • They look at all kinds of data, economic data, historical data, financial data, technical market data, etc. All useful, but partial in our view.
  • The most important data to look for is the one that gives us a much better idea about how widespread the pandemic already is.
  • If it’s widespread already, mortality is a lot lower and the tunnel through which the proverbial light shines is a lot shorter.
  • There is the chance that even this data won’t give a clear answer, but it’s the best data we will have.

Source: Bulls Vs. Bears, What Data To Watch Out For | Seeking Alpha

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