Remarkable! 3

Computing will change rapidly, under the influence of the ever present Moore’s law..

We’ve already written (here) about the advantages of solid state drives (SSD’s), basically, these are replacing spinning magnetic hard drives. Some of their advantages:

  • No moving parts, hence much less vulnerable and energy efficient
  • Much faster access, read, and write times, moving towards instant on computing

Their biggest disadvantage is cost, but since these are chips, this problem is rapidly disappearing through the workings of Moore’s law (stating that the number of transistors on chips will double every 18 months or so)..:

The first has truly amazing speed (three times that of anything on the market now, and at least ten times faster than the best magnetic hard-disks) and capacity and will be the Ferrari of SSD (until it will be superseded by something even faster, developments are as fast as the drives themselves..).

The latter can be plugged into an express card slot and replace your hard-disk with something more speedy and less vulnerable..

Instant on computing is coming ever closer, the advent of the much leaner Windows 7 should help as well..

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